JFK Landmarks Get Ready For Celebration

President John F. Kennedy lived a full--yet tragically short--life. His career and ambitions took him all over the world, including some worthwhile destinations possibly near you.

On May 28, 2017, the National Park Service and other institutions around the country are celebrating the 100th anniversary of his birth.  JFK-related landmarks offer insights into this fascinating historical figure for anyone looking to honor his legacy.

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

Columbia Point, Boston, MA 02125


Located in Kennedy's home state, this Massachusetts museum offers journals, family photographs, and a wide variety of memorabilia. The museum remembers Kennedy's energy for political action and public service, coupled with a progressive agenda of inclusion, innovation, service and courage.

Events: Peace Corps Celebrates Kennedy's 100th birthday

When: May 27 at 2 p.m.

Where: John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum Columbia Point, Boston, MA.

A Boston chapter of the Peace Corps--an organization Kennedy championed--hosts a centennial celebration with the presidential library in honor of the birthday.

John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

2700 F Street NW, Washington D.C.


Home of the National Symphony Orchestra, the venue doubles as a tribute to Kennedy and a national center for the performing arts. The Smithsonian Institution handles the building's administration. The Kennedy Center provides one of the only open-air rooftop terraces in downtown Washington, D.C. and is free to the public..

JFK Eternal Flame, Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington, VA 22211


Designed by architect John Carl Warnecke, the Eternal Flame at Arlington Cemetery marks Kennedy's final resting place. The site was consecrated and opened to the public March 15, 1967. Kennedy was originally set to be buried in Holyhood Cemetery beside a son who died two days after being born prematurely. Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara suggested a burial at Arlington. Kennedy's widow, Jacqueline Kennedy, agreed to the Arlington interment.

Martha's Vineyard

Island off the coast of Massachusetts


This island retreat off the coast of Massachusetts was a popular weekend destination for the Kennedys. Harbor towns, lighthouses and farms dot the picturesque landscape. It's only a 45-minute ferry ride from Cape Cod.

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

411 Elm St., Dallas, TX 75202


The site of Kennedy's assassination, the museum features various exhibits--including the sniper's nest where assassin Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly fired that fatal shot. Dealey Plaza could be the world's most scrutinized crime scene, and the Sixth Floor Museum addresses the controversies swirling around Kennedy's violent death.

John F. Kennedy National Historic Site

83 Beals St. Brookline, MA 02446


The birthplace home of JFK, this wood-framed two-story was given to the National Park Services by Rose Kennedy in 1969.

Season opens May 19. Private tours until then.


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