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Driving Tips for Spring Rains on Flooded Plains

Meteorologists say spring floods could be intense in 2017, and the National Weather Service offers some blunt advice for anyone considering driving through a flooded roadway: Don’t.

As little as a foot of moving water can sweep away a small vehicle.

JFK Landmarks Get Ready For Celebration

President John F. Kennedy stared down fascism in World War II and set America’s sights on a lunar landing.

On May 28, 2017, the National Park Service and other institutions around the country are celebrating the 100th anniversary of his birth.

Teen Tips for Safe Prom Night Driving

While they generally trust their teenage drivers, parents usually harbor grave concerns about the other drivers on the road.

That is especially true of prom night when your teen's friends may not be so careful. Embrace the conversation.

Pointers For Pet Lovers When Dog Is Your Co-Pilot

Drivers commonly invite their furry friends to sit in the driver's seat or front passenger seat. Yet, like young passengers, your pets are precious cargo.

What is the best way to secure pets when taking them for a ride?

Latest Apps Assist With Family Outings

You don't need a brand-new car to enjoy all of the Digital Age's driving innovations.

Here are some suggestions of what to download before you hit the road.

Black Vehicle Trim That Turns Heads

Georgeous black trim makes your vehicle stand out in crowd. It enhances the colors and offers a look of class.

Prevent daily driving from spoiling your vehicle’s beautiful black finishes.

Brake Whisperer: Listening for Signs of Vehicle Trouble

Vehicle problems tend to sneak up on us, but brakes tend to offer us warnings beforehand. Paying heed to the squeaks and vibrations can save you a bundle in repairs.

Spring Cleaning Also Means Vehicle Filters

Filters might be the most underappreciated piece of equipment that directly affects vehicle health--and your passengers well-being, too.

Find out about why they need your attention now.

Remove Winter Grime for Beautiful Wheels

Winter weather--and the tools we use to clear our roadways--can inflict irreversible damage on your wheels.

But don’t stress, since washing away abrasive road salts and contaminants like mud and snow and road grime takes only a few minutes. Here’s what to remember.

Don't Let Allergens Ruin Daily Commute

Those musty floor mats and dingy dashboard aren’t only unpleasant to look at, they’re also adversely affecting your health.

Fortunately, some dusting, vacuuming and filter replacements can have you breathing easy once again.