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Since 1976, Quality Tune-Up has been the car maintenance and repair shop that’s just around the corner. We pride ourselves on being an integral member our community and we dedicate ourselves to offering the same quality of service we would expect for our own vehicles.
Part of what makes us different is that we’re on a first name basis with most of our customers. We even have several bi-lingual technicians available to speak with customers in Spanish, Vietnamese, Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu.

Sukhi, our shop manager, has been working at and managing this Quality Tune-Up location for the past 15 years and has owned the shop for three years. More often than not, when you swing by you’ll see Sukhi and his pride and joy: a 1978 Ferrari 308. If he can keep that in top condition, you know he’s good!

You already know that we are great at oil changes, tune-ups, and smog checks. What you may not know is that our ASE certified technicians also do brake work, engine diagnostics (including check engine lights), radiator and cooling system repairs, electrical and starting repairs, air conditioning service and repair, and much, much more. We do everything but tires and alignments!

Also, to better service our neighbors and our community, this Quality Tune-Up shop has invested the resources to become qualified as a “Star Certified” station. It’s a special honor awarded by the state and we take it very seriously. More effective testing and repairs will not only save you time and money but will also produce cleaner, better running vehicles.

So come in and find out what your neighbors already know…we specialize in keeping your car safe. As the saying around here goes, your family is OUR family, and family comes first.

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On South Bascom in San Jose near Cambrian Park, Los Gatos, Campbell, and Camden. Auto Care specials, cheap Oil Changes, and Brake Repair deals.

Your satisfaction is what we care about most!

Customer Reviews

Hear it from Yelpers

Darryl R.

I have been going here for years and the guys definitely know what they are doing and care about the customer.  

On 12/13/14 I dropped my SUV off because the outside keypad was not working. I got a call later and they told me that they could not fix it that day.  I

came by to pick it up and one of the owners took off the keypad tested the wires to make sure there was power and showed me the part I need to get from a dealership to replace it and did not charge me anything. They could have easily told me it would take a couple of days, order the part and charge me.

Instead, he showed me how easy it was to fix it my self and made sure the electrical was good.  I have always felt they are always looking after me more than they are trying to make money on me.

Cally V.

My entire family ( 10 adults) have been taking our cars and trucks to Suki for years. Everything has always been above and beyond. The owner has driven me home before if he was going to need my vehicle all say. Sweet.

They have all allowed me to watch them work on everything from a clutch replacement to brake job explaining everything they are doing. I like to know what they are doing and none of the employees have ever minded.

I had a few minor issues, broken door bolt, and drove to this shop. Being a good customer, they welded it right then. No waiting. Love these guys as does my husband. Suki is the best.

Small, clean (as can be for a place that works on cars ) and honest.

Jazz S.

I have been coming to this place for the last two years just because of the owner Sukhi.

He used to have a place off of McKee but moved to this location. I trust this guy hands down with my cars. When I first met him I drove a 2007 Subaru Sti and he did all the upkeep and maintenance on that car.

Then he moved to this location and by that time I ended up with a 2003 Svt Cobra and this guy was a major help to me. I am very partial to allowing mechanics to work on my cars because I have been wronged before. For example, my cars cruise control stopped working and I called him and setup an appointment so he could take a look at my car. Luckily he was free the next morning so I go in and he takes about 30 minutes checking the fuses and wiring and he realizes that the cruise control level had slipped off the brake which wasn't allowing my car to activate cruise control.

This guy didn't even charge me for it since he didn't have to replace anything or change any parts. I mean oh can't beat that. Then my dad's car needed brakes and the MB dealer wanted 600 for just the front two. I came here and he only charged me half of that. The brakes have been fine now for over two months with no problems.

Sukhi is a great guy I don't know why there are so many negative reviews. I even had the guy check out a used car I was looking at a used car and he inspected it and told me everything that was wrong. It only needed a plugs and a air filter.

He has honestly never done my wrong so I will continue to bring my services to him.